About Swiss Role


I am a freelance British copywriter and journalist living in Basel, Switzerland.

I lived in London for ten years, working on glossy magazines, for advertising agencies and eventually running my own freelance business. I love the city. I love the restaurants, the lifestyle, the shopping – and I love finding the countryside in the city in the wilds of Hampstead Heath, along the river in Hammersmith, or wandering the paths of Richmond Park. London really does have it all.

But times change, and you find you love other things more than a city. So I moved to Basel, Switzerland, to begin my new Swiss role. Where the shops close on Sunday and the restaurants aren’t open on Monday. Where the world congregates every year to see the best of contemporary art. Where traditional carnival fills the streets in February, and the Rhine is filled with swimmers come summer. It’s a fairytale city for the 21st century. And I kind of love it.

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